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We have the knowledge, training and expertise to give you the best, affordable professional carpet cleaning services in Sydney you have ever seen. Simply book with Ultimate Carpet Cleaning and experience the difference today!

Why should you get your carpets professionally steam cleaned?
Carpet cleaning aids in eliminating microscopic dust mites, dirt and bacteria.
Cleaning your carpet regularly enables enhanced airflow by eliminating all forms of dust, dirt and debris.
Extends the life of your carpet.
Stain Removal treatment.
Enhanced appearance and feel of your carpet.
Professionally sanitised and deodorised.

A professionally cleaned carpet will

 Save Money & Time – You don’t want to pay to replace your carpet regularly, for a fraction of this cost you can pay to clean your carpet professionally with expert carpet cleaners. This will also save you time, as the process of carpet cleaning on a professional level is a time-consuming, physically exhausting task.

 Make Your Carpets Look Better – By choosing carpet cleaning services to maintain your carpets, you will extend the life of your carpet, but at the same time make it look as close to new as possible.

Eradicate Carpet Stains – Professional carpet cleaning can remove tough stains by using hot water extraction or deep steam cleaning and professional-grade cleaning solutions.

Be Catered to You – Not all carpets are made equally. Each carpet is made from different fabrics, and some carpets are even hand-loomed. A professional carpet cleaner can safely clean your carpets without any damage.

Keep Critters Away – Carpets are like giant floor filters, they trap dust, dirt and allergens in the fibres and provide hiding spots and breeding grounds for insects.

 Improve the Odour of Your Home – Did you know the musty smell in your home might be coming from your carpet? If you want a fresh-smelling home, you’ve got to start with the source, and it’s most likely the particles and mould in your carpets causing the issue.

 Better Your Health – Home carpet cleaning services come along with high-quality cleaning equipment that only professionals have. This equipment is strong and will help remove dust, allergens and mould from your carpet, meaning that your overall air quality improves, then affects your health.

Prevent the Spreading of Allergens and Bacteria – Regular professional cleaning can reduce the effects of your carpets harming your health. This is because your carpets are breeding grounds for allergens and harmful bacteria and can expose you and your loved ones to unsafe pollutants over time.

Reduces the Effects of Foot Traffic – Some parts of your carpeted floors will receive more foot traffic, this includes hallways, kitchens, doorways and living rooms. These areas deteriorate faster, and by having a professional cleaning done regularly, you can reset these areas and slow down this deterioration to take care of your carpets for longer.

Actually, Remove the Dirt – If you’re only ever cleaning your carpets when they seem visibly dirty, you’re not cleaning them often enough. Carpets need regular cleaning that has nothing to do with their appearance. Oftentimes, if you suspect dust build-up, you’ll vacuum your carpet, and although this will make the carpet look generally cleaner, it’s not penetrating deep enough into the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning is a guaranteed way to clean your carpet down to its root lining and will actually remove the dirt.

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The Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Team

 Protected – Ultimate Carpet Cleaning is a fully insured and licensed steam cleaning service provider with a Quality and Satisfaction Guarentee to all customers and every job.

 Location – We are Sydney’s most trusted and affordable steam cleaning service supplier and cater to a large volume of areas around Metro Sydney, North Sydney and South Sydney including the Blacktown region, Penrith region, Parramatta region, The Hills region, Upper North Shore region, Liverpool region and many other Sydney areas. Feel Free to get in touch to see if we service your area.

Affordable – We offer affordable pricing to our customers and no job is too big or too small.

 Customer Satisfaction – Our customer satisfaction is a top priority for Ultimate Carpet Cleaning. We guarantee satisfaction for our customers across all our jobs thanks to our highly trained expert staff and their ability to meet any customer requirements.

 Friendly & Reliable – From the moment you reach out for a quote to the moment our team leaves when the job is complete, you can rest assured you and your job will always be handled with a positive attitude, good vibes and a big smile from our team of expert staff.

 Time Management – We get the job done fast while not sacrificing on quality. Our staff are prompt and efficient and arrive on-time so we don’t waste yours.

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There are a few reasons as to why your upholstery needs to be cleaned regularly and these are our favourites. Clean air: The upholstery on couches, sofas and chairs can trap dust and bacteria that can cause allergic reactions and breathing issues. Better-looking furniture: over time through exposure to sun, stains and dust your couches can look musty and lifeless. Extends furniture life: your furniture is an investment, and to protect this investment you should clean the upholstery as often as needed.

No, it’s not a necessity that you be present for the whole cleaning. Lots of clients are happy to leave cleaning professionals unattended while they run errands. Often our clients will meet the technicians when they arrive, but sometimes in the case of commercial areas, they have a representative open the doors for us or leave a key if it’s regular cleaning. Whether you stay or not is totally up to you, and our team is fully vetted to make sure they can be trusted in your home.

If you’re getting your carpet cleaned, our cleaning technicians are likely to move light furniture themselves. But if you need heavier furniture moved such as beds or pianos or delicate items such as art and the like, it would be safer if you moved them yourself to ensure their safety before the cleaning technicians come around.

Our technicians are well-trained and know how to get stubborn stains and tough spots both before, during and after initial carpet cleaning. We can’t guarantee every single stain can be removed, as some carpets are just too damaged over time. But we can promise to do everything we can to go beyond a general cleaning and give you the cleanest carpets possible. In the case of being unable to remove a stain, our technicians will always disclose this to you and present alternative solutions.

One of the best things about using our professional carpet cleaners is the fact that we have access to the latest and tried and tested cleaning solutions and know how and when to use them. These solutions are always selected as being the safest, and as long as you wait for the carpets to be completely dry, they are entirely pet and child safe. We do recommend, however, that you keep any children or pets away from the cleaning process and the machinery to reduce the possibility of an accident.

It’s highly recommended to vacuum your carpets regularly. Although household carpets can’t get rid of all the dirt and debris in the carpet, you can prolong the time between professional cleanings. In addition, it's important to immediately clean any spills without rubbing the carpet, instead dab the carpet gently with the appropriate cleaning solutions. If you have any other questions, our carpet technicians are happy to help however they can and can even tell you where additional floor mats should be placed for better protection against foot traffic.

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